ASIFR - Tales of Iron

Like it never happened

The day started with the troupe heading back to report what happened to Lord Grandison. Lord Wesly, and his Lady mother were in attendance of the lord when Clancy, Darrius & Abu Afif, Ser Rhaen, & Ser Sebastian Steadwater arrived. Lord Grandison was none too happy about the way Steadwater handled the revolt, almost 500 smallfolk dead, and no sure sign that the revolt had been quelled. This after having given explicit orders that all the Steadwater Delegation was to do was to simply hear out the peasants concerns, not to make any demands.

Between Clancy & Darrius they managed to calm the Lord of Grandview down enough where he simply asked for proof that the revolt had indeed been quelled. The party rested for the evening and headed out the following day into the countryside villages. A long and arduous walk it was for some as many of the Steadwater horses were left behind trying to escape the peasant horde. Lady Steadwater’s Carriage played host to a sweaty sour Clancy as his slow tottering along in his full plate would have taken them ages to get anywhere. In the end however they found village life to be getting back to normal. The peasants had indeed come back to work and resumed their normal activities. They weren’t really interested in talking about the revolt, instead they just pretended like it never happened.

One of the Grandison bailiffs, Bailiff Wesson, sent back his assistant with the Steadwaters the following morning after having spent the night at the village. There was some commotion the following morning when Lady Steadwater found a red headed peasant girl and Sebastian had been doing all sorts of messy, deviant things inside her carriage, and were apparently not finished when it was time for breakfast! After a bit of argument Sebastian and the girl left the carriage, the girl with some of the Lady’s clothing of wich the lady made her strip off in the middle of the street, before being carried back to some hut by Sebastian.

Finaly they made it back to the keep where they had a audience with Lord Grandison whom was satisfied by their report combined with the Deputy Bailiff’s testimony that all was indeed well in his lands. Grandison agreed to provide Steadwater with his Artisan, and thanked them for their help. That day and evening there were some interesting side bars as everyone went about the keep for a bit of information gathering. The following was learned in the night or two that the Steadwater troupe remained.

1) From The Lady of the keep ; “The Lord covets the land to the south, House Wagstaff’s, and believes he may go after it in the future”

2) From the Freemen merchants; “The price of Iron and other goods are up 100% due to fear of an impending war”

3) From the Head of the House Staff; “The Lord is all about Joffery on the outside, but behind closed doors he’s Renly’s man”

What was never found out was WHO was behind the revolt in the first place, though we did recover clues that would insinuate that it was not a entirely organic revolt from the people. The session wrapped us with the Steadwaters on their way to the next keep along the way to Renly’s.

Finally on a side note, it was discovered that the Burnt man seemingly NEVER sleeps or eats or goes to the privy. And he caught Jeor sending back a raven to someone…



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