ASIFR - Tales of Iron


And so it begins

What is dead may never die!

But before death, comes birth. A beginning…..

The Iron Islands are entering the end of that beginning. Peace has brought poverty. The silver and goods taken from weakly defended Lannister keeps and farmsteads has been spent, in most cases frittered away on wild feasts and lavish weapons of form and little function. Rarely on anything of use, “there will always be more”, have been the words on every Iron Born Lords lips.

The lords of the Iron Islands grow hungry. But the King as decreed that no Iron Born will start a war with the Five Kingdoms, and after all, there is little left to raid along the once rich coasts, they need time to forget, to rebuild and grow fat. And the North….is far and cold and… Winter is coming!

And so the beginning draws to an end, death draws close, but ….what is dead may never die!



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