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Interlude 2 - Rally to your King

Rally to your King

Lord Fell’s promise to House Steadwater of troops to guide them to Kings Landing and King Stannis stands, and you have seen troops preparing for the journey, obviously news of the road being unsafe is being taken seriously.

Lord Harwood Fell is very insistant that you wait for his troops to be ready, he could not bear the thought of allowing allies to the King to travel with such light protection when raiders have been hitting travelers and out posts along the road, the rumour that Renly is behind these raids is very worrying to Horpe.

You settle down for the second night in Fellwood castle, clear in the knowledge that while you are guests, any move to leave the castle would raise a lot of suspicion as to your allegiance.

Next morning the Burned Man brings news that the dawn sky was busy with Ravens, coming and going in all directions. He counted no less than 4 arriving and 6 leaving. Three leaving in the direction of King’s Landing.

Breakfast is a tense event, Lord Harwood looks agitated and angry, deep in discussion with his captains, barely touching his food. Once done he comes over to Lord Steadwater a grim expression on his face.

“It is a grave day… we have news from the North, our King has being negotiating with the Starks to ensure their support in the upcoming war to secure his thrown, but… that Wolf….that dog!!! He has slapped away the hand of his rightful King and said that the North will stand alone! STAND ALONE!!!! HA! Those backwards fools will soon be tasting the bitter draught of piss and shit when the King drives their faces into the dirt!”

He pauses and composes himself…

And more…. though not so unexpected… the Pirates of Pyke have started to raid the coasts, hitting Banefort and The Crag, putting both castles to the torch and taking many prisoners. Lord Gawen and his entire family is said to be dead, slaughtered in their grand hall after they had asked for quarter. Lord Quenten is said to have escaped South with some few men at arms, seeking the aid of Lannister….it seems the war will be fought on many fronts my friends.

With that he shrugs and smiles, seeming to regain his good humour.

Anyway I await news from our King to ensure he is still at Kings Landing and then I will have you safely escorted to his side, I have informed him that you are on the way and he will no doubt be very keen to hear news from the South!


We were at Fellwood last, not Horpe. We decided that Horpe was out of our way after meeting with Lord Fell.

Interlude 2 - Rally to your King

Are you sure? I know you didn’t arrive at Bronzegate. But I thought you left Fellwood already? Would have been easy to know if Sar had done the bloody write up!!!

Interlude 2 - Rally to your King

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