ASIFR - Tales of Iron

The Kings Justice, and sweet Thorns

...or how a house was lost.

Cry out for Justice for the murder most foul
Of two anointed knights. Struck down in cold blood.
One with neck snapped like a chicken before fest
Murder most foul, the foulest indeed!

The court yard was set and words were exchanged
A story so twisted, that some words were left plain
Ser Danian however the man of the hour
Was near put to the sword for words spoke out of turn.

But back to the murder, of snapped necks and more
No quarter to yield between knights so bold?
Neigh fingers were pointed and Heartsbane did the rest
So ended the life of a man far from home.

The Lady of Thorns her young lad she did miss
And gave him a gift, of whispers and laughs
The Lords wanted heads, The Kings called for laughs
And the fat man obliged with a humorous Jest.
Let it be spoons! A spoon and a knife.

So Giant vs Giant
Plate vs Flesh
Each man with a kitchen knife and a spoon, well a shield
They danced and they japed and the king fell asleep.
Til frustrated and tired Ser Danian did leap
And did find in his neck a knife, not a spoon.

Down went Ser Danian and with him his Lord
Yield was the cry , but the king wanted blood
Yet his sweetness did whisper while Ser Danian Bled
Until finally the King laughed and sat looking red

Lord Steadwater summoned, a choice he did have
His head on a pike, or a wall.

To the wall, to the wall, each and everyone
Nobles no more, Steadwater is done.
Each one clad in black! To the Wall!



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