ASIFR - Tales of Iron

To Storm's End

The Fell guards finally burst throw the door with Jeor in tow and stood gaping at the sight of the bloody carnage before them. Fell soldiers stabbed to death by stilettos; … soldiers hacked apart by long-swords ; Clancy’s personal body guards both stabbed and hacked; the dowager Lady Steadwater lying on her back in a pool of blood with at least three daggers sticking out of her throat; Lord Harwood Fell dead from multiple dagger wounds and a comparatively larger ax sticking out of his back; but most depressing of all to the pastry chefs of Westeros and Clancy’s motivational rotundness-loss activities, Jayce Errol died mid creamy cupcake to face.

Although initially suspicious of Steadwater hands in the assassination of their lord, the Fellwood men quickly saw the truth of the matter, given the overwhelming evidence and the capture of the two principal assassins; the unnamed jester and Ser Alestor. Ser Oisin wrapped the body of the dowager Lady Steadwater in his cloak and carried her towards the inner sanctum of the keep, putting out a call for the Silent Sisters to escort her body back to her ancestral home with the Umbers in the North. Ser Rhean collapsed silently into a corner, before being seen to by the local maester with Ser Sebastian, who needed a couple of daggers removed from body, more fascinated by the axe wounds than compentent at healing them.

Ser Alestor and the jester were placed in the dungeons. Clancy and Jeor went bellow to interrogate their motives. Unfortunately the jester had expired due to poor treatment, while Ser Alestor had multiple new injuries to insult his still untreated gashes. From him, we learned that Lady Errol had been the mistress mind behind the whole plot, whose target was Lord Fell, with Jayce being but the puppet she strung along to disguise her intent. Ser Alestor expressed his regret and surprise that we did not join him to support King Renly, given our reputation. He placed himself into Clancy’s service, if we could free him from the dungeons. Clancy quickly saw to Ser Alestor getting “better” treatment and a cleaner cell with a shifty bribe of 2 gold dragons to the jailor… thus starting an impending avalanche of inflation.

Suddenly, the portcullis was instantly cut again, as apparently the same frightened gate-guard had realized that the Errol cavalry were still camped out beyond the wall. The Dreadbow, Clancy, and Jeor volunteered to be lowered down beyond the wall, and ride out to talk to the Errol men. Clancy, meanwhile, appropriated one of the former Lady Steadwater’s sand steeds, a Dusty with bells and curls which caused quite a few odd remarks, before the fair house became again masuclinized. They met the captain, a Ser Barrack, who swore that Ser Alestor was not traveling with them. Nevertheless, we managed to convince them to meet us on the way back to Haystack Hall on the Kingsroad, given that the only welcome they were getting now from the Fellwood guards were arrows from atop the walls…. And Jacye was dead.

The following morning, a 100 armed guards escorted us to meet with the new Lord Fell, confiscating our weapons. Fortunately, the new lord, a mere boy of nine by the name of Dean, honored House Steadwater for defending his father. Clancy managed to persuade the boy that, given the political ramifications of his father’s death, it would be better somehow to let us take the prisoner to see Stannis for the King’s Justice alone, while he concentrated on defending his home from potential attacks. The boy, naïve to the Game, believed every word coming out of the fat man’s mouth.

Thus, we finally left Fellwood carrying the dead bodies of the dowager Lady Steadwater, Jayce Errol, and the barely alive ones of Ser Allestor and Ser Rhean. The Erroll men were waiting for us on the Kingsroad, where Ser Barrack was shocked to see the sight of Ser Alestor, a cousin of the Lady Erroll. The party with cavalry escort entered Buckler lands en route, where they were shadowed by light infantry and came upon the site of a battle. At Bronzegate, we learn from Lord Buckler, a wiry statesman knight rather than a warrior, that House Horp had been invading Buckler lands, as his was the nearest lands not aligned with Stannis. Lord Buckler thus decided to put an end to it, explaining the battle site we’d come across earlier. At Bronzegate, we paid our final respects to Lady Krumbria Umber-Seadwater whom the Silent Sister will be taking back to her ancestral hall back in Umber. We send a couple of ravens back to Steadwater to inquire for news back home.

The next day we returned to the road to Haystack Hall. We arrive, and was greeted rather warmly by Lady Erroll except for Ser Sebastian, who couldn’t be half as charming his usual self while his wounds were still pusing, and Ser Rhean, who she immediately had sent to the maestor. After a day’s rest, we resumed the road to Storm’s End, arriving safely. There we receive word back from the ravens we sent, informing us that Joffery is on the move, having taken all the Steadwater soliders and the food to link up with the Tyrells and the Reach. Lord Renly requested our presence, thus dressed in our best finery, except for Clancy who always wears plate armor, and of course the Burnt Man, we enter the room sans weapon standing in the presence of two rainbow guards. And suddenly… somebody finally realized that they should’ve killed the Burnt Man.



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