Gregor Grimtooth

So old he ought to be dead.


How Gregor Grimtooth became Grimtooth is lost in the annals of time, but if it was a recent name then likely it focuses on is one remaining tooth, and grim it is. Gregor sucks on his gums with irritating regularity and speaks like a man who has seen it all…and expects to see it all again before he passes on. Some call him mad, especially the tavern keep at the Spitted Eel, but few with any real passion. His eyes glint with an all knowing awareness, he may have no teeth but his mind is as sharp as an assassins blade.


Little is known about Gregor’s past, he acts as Steadwater Town’s unofficial spokesman and town crier, though it’s more of a gossip system than any shouting.

Gregor Grimtooth

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