Oisin of Carmayar

The Dread Bow!


The Knights of Carmayar trace their history back to Valyria before the Doom. They were part of the Valyrian exiles that waited with the Targaryens on Dragonstone, until Aegon stirred with his sisters and his dragons and began his conquest of Westeros. The Knights of Carmayar served under Orys Baratheon as he defeated and slew the Storm King and for their loyal service were awarded lands that overlook the marches, to keep an ever watchful eye upon the Dornish who never bent the knee.

In the 300 years that followed, the fortunes of the house waxed and waned. They eschewed the civil strife known as the Dance of Dragons and so were at their greatest strength when the Young Dragon, King Daeron I, decided to complete Aegon the Conqueror’s conquest of Westeros. They were among the first to join his crusade to force the Dornish to finally bend the knee. They were among the last knights to leave, upon Daeron’s death in Dorne. For this, they suffered greatly and their power and wealth diminished until few were left who bore the title “Knight of Carmayar”.

Even so, there were Knights of Carmayar who fought for the Red Dragon against the Blackfyre Pretenders and there were Knights of Carmayar who won at tourneys or held the frontiers of the Stormlands against Dornish reavers. Then came Robert’s Rebellion.

The Knight in Carmayar, head of the household, took no part, but forbade none of his kinsmen to take sides, thinking he might profit by the success of whichever side prevailed by supporting both. Some Knights of Carmayar chose the side of King Aerys, others of Robert, among them Ser Oisin’s father, Ser Cuthal.

On the battlefield, Ser Cuthal and his son Oisin as squire served with the future Lord Steadwater. Oisin survived the many battles, learning to care for his father’s armor, learning the use of blade and shield, but his eye turned mostly to the longbow. With that weapon he proved most gifted, bringing down the swiftest of targets, especially when the army was set to forage. The camp rang with rumors of this boy’s skill as an archer and fame was given to his name.

Once the war was won and Robert sat upon the Iron Throne, Lord Steadwater was raised to his own seat. Ser Cuthal was one of the first to pledge his sword to the war hero and Oisin joined his father. In the turmoil that followed the ending of the war, many older houses eyed this upstart fiefdom jealously. There were conflicts with neighbors.

One day, Ser Cuthal embarrassed some lordling from House Lugus. In retaliation, they went after his son, Oisin. With them was a young Cecil, who lured the young Carmayar into the trap. Once sprung, they held Oisin for ransom, viciously taunting him, questioning his birth, the prowess of his father as a knight, and the legends of his family name. Ser Cuthal acted quickly and with Lord Steadwater, was able to break Oisin free of his captors, who were nothing more than boys in the end. However, Oisin never forgave House Lugus for the slights he suffered, nor Cecil for his part in it. Ser Oisin, now called the Dreadbow, later revenged himself upon Cecil when he shot him from the prow of a boat in the Sunset Seas.

For his part in helping raise King Renly to the Iron Throne, Dreadbow was named Master of Laws with jurisdiction over the Gold Cloaks and the King’s Justice.

Oisin of Carmayar

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