The Burnt Man

Silent steel, death on wings, The Burnt man asks nothing and answers all with bloody Valarian steel.


Now known as the Burnt Man, this warrior of immeasurable talent now serves the Lord of Steadwater. Dressed in the Golden Armour he recovered from the wrecked tournament field he speaks to no one, removes his armour only when locked in his small dark room, and is never far from the side of his Lord, Wesley Steadwater.


“Burnt, Brutalized and Bitter, hush now little ones, Ser Childslayer comes” :: Once known as the The Childslayer, covered in massive burns, limping and missing two fingers from one hand, this foul creature was an expert swordsman and the better of any 10 men. Carrying a sword of Valerian steel, he hunted the children of Steadwater.

The Burnt Man

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