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  • Small Council

    King Renly is supported in his rule of the land by the Small Council, its' members are as follows; *Lord Wesley Steadwater* - The Hand *Ser Rhaen* - Lord Commander of the Kingsguard *Lord Oisin of Carmayar* - Master of Laws *Lord Clancy Fortale* - …

  • Sebastion Steadwater

    Uncle of Lord Steadwater. Brother of the late Lord Steadwater. Fought beside the Lannisters during the Greyjoy Rebellion. Stayed with the Lannisters afterwards and was raised to Knighthood by Kevan Lannister.

  • Ser Rhaen of Danien & Rimchurch

    Ser Danien, of Danien and Rimchurch is an anointed Knight and banner to house Steadwater. He is married to a rather harsh and heavily armored Lady Ethel. He has two landed knights sworn to him. Ser Blandine and Ser Cadlew