Example of Training

There are no experience points or levels in the Harn system. All development of skills is done along the lines of one of the below methods.

Roll d100 + SB : if the result is greater than the present ML then increase ML by 1

SB = Skill Base : The Averaged three Stats + Sun Sign
ML = Mastery Level : The Multiplied SB plus past training

1. Stressful Experience
The character succeeds at a skill while under duress or in very difficult circumstances. This is an immediate check.

2. Practice and General Development
Each month characters receive training points to spend on trying to develop skills from general use of their skills. This is 30 Points. A Charater with WILL higher than 10 gains 3 extra points per Will over 10 (so Will 12 grants 36 points)

3. Employment
Characters can receive a bonus for every 4 hours spent employed using a skill or set of skills.

4. Training
Direct one on one training with a Master. A master is someone with an ML at least 20 points higher than the character. Every 1 hours grants an extra Point that must be spent on the skill(s) being trained

5. Combat
Combat skills can only increase in Mastery after rank 70 by use in combat, and based on the GMs judgement of the combat being one that granted an experience worthy of development.

At the end of each month the training points are spent to make Development Rolls. Each 10 points grants one roll.

Example ::
Gareth Blackfin. Spends a month at sea under the careful eye of Cpt Willows. Cpt Willows spends 2 hours a day training Gareth, too (in Pilot and Weatherlore)

So for 30 days we assume that Gareth worked 8 hours a day and had direct training for 2 hours a day. He takes 5 days rest in a month This grants him

50 Employment Skill Points
50 Training Skill Points (for Pilot and Weatherlore)
30 General Skills (The GM rules that these can only be spent on skills that could have been practiced on the ship)

Gareth Spends his points as follows

Remember Roll d100 + SB, if greater than Present ML, then ML +1

10 for Pilot (SB 13) :: ML of 50 (needs 51+) – Rolls 38 – No Increase
10 for Pilot (SB 13) :: ML of 50 (needs 51+) – Rolls 78 – Increase
10 for Pilot (SB 13) :: ML of 51 (needs 52+) – Rolls 27 – No Increase
10 for Weatherlore (SB 11) :: ML of 25 (needs 26+) – Rolls 41- Increase to 26
10 for Weatherlore (SB 11) :: ML of 26 (needs 27+) – Rolls 87- Increase to 27

10 for Pilot (SB 13) :: ML of 51 (so needs 52+) – Rolls 39- No Increase
10 for Weatherlore (SB 11) :: ML of 27 (needs 28+) – Rolls 110 – Increase to 28
10 for Seamanship (SB 13) :: ML of 40 (needs 41+) – Rolls 98 – Increase to 41
10 for Seamanship (SB 13) :: ML of 41 (needs 42+) – Rolls 37 – No Increase
10 for Seamanship (SB 13) :: ML of 40 (needs 41+) – Rolls 34 – No Increase

The GM agrees that the following are all in line with what Gareth could be doing on the ship during his spare time or again as part of the training or work he was doing

10 for Singing (SB14) :: ML of 65 (needs 66+) – Rolls 87 – Increase to 66
10 for Gambling (SB 9) :: ML of 20 (needs 21+) – Rolls 51 – Increase to 21
10 for Pilot (SB 13) :: ML of 51 (needs 52+) – Rolls 54 – Increase to 52

During the next month the ship is attacked by Pirates. Gareth is forced to fight for his life, using his sword and shield as best he can to aid in saving the ship. During the battle he is knocked over board, swims to the side of the ship nearly drowning in the process. Gets back on board and then finds that the ships physician needs assistance in helping tend to all the injured. On top of which when done he has to assist pilot the under manned ship back to port.

The GM Rules
- Stress Increase Roll for Sword allowed
- Stress Increase Roll for Shield allowed
- Stress Increase Roll for Swimming allowed
- Stress Increase Roll for Pilot allowed
- Gains Physician as a new skill at the OML of SB*1 (which for Gareth is 10)

Example of Training

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