Healing Recovery and Wounds

It seemed like a good idea at the time, 4 bandits against one merchant, and sure he went down fast enough but he still managed to stab Drey twice before he went down. Nothing too bad, it seemed a M1 cut to the leg, and an M1 to the arm. And there was that fumble where he slipped and gashed open his head…that’s bleeding pretty badly

So first things first , the bleeding needs to be stopped.

Ah…no physician amongst the bandits. Jeoff steps up and decides that he’ll have a crack.

His related stats of DEX/EYE/INT are 15/14/7 for an SB of 12, and his sun sign grants him +1 SB for a total of 13. So Jeoff opens the physician skill at 13, not bad….

Right back to the bleeder, Jeoff slaps a hand over it, to stop the blood, seems like a good idea. He rolls his physician skill, lucky he’s not injured or fatigued, he needs 13 or less! He gets 85…lucky there are no critical failures on stopping blood loss. Drey continue to bleed out, he’s now on 2 points of Blood Loss. Jeoff rips off Drey’s shirt to use as a bandage and tries to clog up the wound… not great but that’s +25 on his roll, now he needs 38. he gets 27, bleeding has stopped, Jeoff is pretty happy with himself. (Certainly earned a stress check), which he takes right away, rolls 87, so Physician increases to 14.

Right on to those cuts. They are not bleeding and can easily be dealt with , if Jeoff had the right tools…ah ha he does, a bottle of grain alcohol, is swiftly used to clean the wounds and then they are dressed in some spare clothes! Looks good

Arm Cut :: Physician 14 + Treatment 30 = 44 needed – Rolls 81 – MF means H5
Leg Cut :: Physician 14 + Treatment 30 = 44 needed – Rolls 27 – MS means H6

HX , is the healing speed, which is rolled every 5 days and is a d100 vs Endurance * HX

So for Drey with an Endurance of 11, he rolls as follows after 5 days

Arm Cut :: H5 needs 55 or less, rolls 86 – MF : No healing still level 1 Injury
Leg Cut :: H6 needs 66 or less rolls 43 – MS : Heals one level so is fine now

During this time Drey needs to be resting 12 hours a day and not exerting himself too much when he is up and about else he could make the wounds worse.

5 days later

Arm Cut :: H5 needs 55 or less, rolls 60 – CF : For an open wound this means infection!

Sadly due to the need to get moving the bandits needed to break camp, Drey’s dressing is not kept clean, and the wound gets infected!!

Infection is tested EVERY Day!!!

The check is H5 Endurance so 5* End

Day 1 :: Needs 55, gets 92, infection gets worse, healing Rate drops to H4
Day 2 :: Needs 44, gets 31, infection gets reduces , healing Rate increases to H5

At this point Jeoff sees Drey is struggling and tries to assist in keeping him well, so Drey can add Jeoff’s SI (Skill Index) to the check SI is ML / 10 and always rounded down.

Day 3 :: Needs 45 gets 11, infection gets reduces , healing Rate increases to H6

The infection is defeated but the wound is still there, after 5 days the wound is checked for healing, this time Jeoff has been checking on the wound every day, and so can add half his ML to the check

Arm Cut :: H5+7 needs 62 or less, rolls 56 – MS, wound heals one level

And Drey is now fit and ready to roll.

For time being we will not be using ;
Shock Recovery
Blood Regeneration

Note that serious and Grievous wounds can cause permanent ability damage if the treatment is not sound!

Note :

- Wound and Encumbrance Penalties do not effect healing rolls
- Fatigue Penalties Do!
- All Wound penalties effect all other rolls as normal until they are fully healed

Healing Recovery and Wounds

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