House Swann of Stonehelm

Known Lord : Lord Donnel Swann
Known Status : Promised their allegiance to Joffrey
Known Military : 5 land units, unknown distribution. 20 warships.
Known Developments : Unknown

Other Known Facts : Blame House Steadwater for the death of Lord Gulian Swann during the attack at Steadwater said to be ordered by Lord Stannis Baratheon in order to kill King Joffrey.

People and Characters : Lord Donnel Swann’s brother, Ser Balon Swann, serves as a Kingsguard in King’s Landing, currently held by Lord Stannis Baratheon who has declared himself king of the Iron Throne after the death of King Robert.

Rumours : None

URL: House Swann at The Citadel: Heraldry

House Swann of Stonehelm

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