The Supernatural

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Some of the abilities exhibited by those who dabble in the mystic are:

Elemental control: The priests of R’hllor seem able to control the element of fire being able to evoke fire with their bare hands in order to engulf their weapons in flames, or to use the fire alone as a means to attack enemies or just to amaze crowds like Moqorro Benerro Thoros of Myr and Melisandre do. Also in Qarth Daenerys saw a firemage creating a ladder of flames that stood up to forty feet high. It is possible that other wizards and sorcerers know ways of using other elements.

Divination: Some people exhibit the ability to see the future either through looking in the fire in the case of the followers and priests of the Lord of Light or through dreams.In the second case this is called Greensight if following the way of the old gods or dragon dreams if it is done by a Targaryen.

Skinchanging: The ability to enter the mind of an animal and control its actions.It is a rare ability with only one man in a thousand being born a skinchanger. Having the blood of the first Men usually makes it more likely for someone to be a skinchanger.

Raising the dead: Some priests of R’hllor have been capable of performing the extraordinary feat of raising a man from the dead. However the reborn person may have difficulty remembering parts of his past life or they exhibit a change in personality. What red priests generally fail to do is to heal a man brought back to life by whatever injuries he may have suffered and as a result their bodies are battered by their wounds.

Necromancy: Some are rumored to dabble in necromancy the ability to raise the dead but as mindless automaton’s bound to serve a specific purpose. Qyburn is rumored to have dabbled in this art.

Glamouring: wizards and sorcerers like Bloodraven or Melisandre can change their appearance or the appearance of others by using light and shadow. Also the use of items of the person whose for they want assume seem to enhance the effect.

The Supernatural

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