Dagon Volmark


In the year 281 AL, Dagon was born, a son of Doran Volmark, Captain of the warship The Leviathan, and Enfys Banefort, daughter of Lord Quentyn Banefort.

In the latter days of Lord Quellon Greyjoy’s rule over the Islands, Captain Doran Volmark, himself the youngest son of Lord Dagon Volmark, participated in many raids upon the West Lands facing the Sunset Sea. He was a handsome and dashing man, known for his seamanship and comradery among the men who sailed with him. One day, the Storm King raised his wrath upon the flotilla of longships of which Doran’s was a part. Shipwrecked, he found himself alone washed up on the shores commanded by House Banefort. Brought before Lord Quentyn Banefort, Doran revealed himself to be of noble birth and Lord Quentyn saw this as a chance to secure his lands from future Ironborn raids. In the weeks that passed, Doran recovered his health from his near drowning and became acquainted with Lord Quentyn’s unmarried daughter, Enfys. The two became close and Doran proposed to Enfys’ Lord Father a match. After some months of negotiation and deliberation, Lord Dagon Volmark accepted the marriage between his youngest son and the Banefort girl, the dowry would be the promise of protection by House Volmark of the Banefort lands from incursions by Ironborn raiders. To aid House Volmark in this task, House Banefort commissioned the building of a warship which Lord Dagon christened The Leviathan after the emblem of his house. Eventually, Doran earned the captaincy of the ship and has sailed it ever since.

In the year of the False Spring (281 AL), Dagon was born. He spent his youth split between his father’s folk aboard The Leviathan and fostering with his mother’s household at Banefort. He learned about the Finger Dance and about the skills needed of a sailor. He learned about the Seven and the skills needed by a knight. The events of the world transpired without him being conscious of them because Robert began his rebellion a year after his birth and Greyjoy’s Rebellion happened near enough his 8th nameday that he was being fostered at Banefort and his father missing the day being out to sea protecting his good-father’s lands from Ironborn raiders and later helping to defend the Iron Islands from the Baratheon and Stark reprisal and conquest.

Since that day, Dagon has been seen more often with his father aboard The Leviathan though he has been known to visit his cousins at Banefort on occasion to show them how to throw an ax and sport with them at joust and melee.

Dagon Volmark

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