Example of Combat II

A Second Example of Combat , for each action I have listed all the stats etc for completeness, though as covered in example 1, all your core data would be on your character sheet.

Bandit 1 Skills :: Init 85 / Falchion 70 / Round Shield 75 / DGE 60
Bandit 1 Arm :: Scale Byrnie / Plate Half Helm / Leather Boots / Gauntlets/Leggings
Bandit 1 Stats :: Agil 12 / Sta 14 / End 13 /
Weight of Gear = 57.4 :: Encumbrance Penalty =57.4/13 = 4.4 (rounded to 4)

Bandit 2 Skills :: Init 75 / Falchion 55/ Round Shield 80 / DGE 70
Bandit 2 Arm :: Scale Byrnie / Plate Half Helm / Leather Boots / Gauntlets/Leggings
Bandit 2 Stats :: Agil 13 / Sta 13 / End 11
Weight of Gear = 57.4 :: Encumbrance Penalty =57.4/11 = 5.21 (rounded to 5)

Reeve Skills :: Init 86 / Brd Sword 75 / Round Shield 71 / DGE 60
Reeve Arm :: Mail Hauberk with Quilt Gambeson/ Leather Knee Boots / Plate Half Helm / Cloth Surcoat, Tunic and Leggings
Reeve Stats :: Agil 12 / Sta 13 / End 13
Weight of Gear = 82 :: Encumbrance Penalty =82/13 = 6.3(rounded to 6)

Fighting in the driving rain the GM rules that the characters will gain 1 point of Fatigue every 2 rounds and that stumble checks are at a modifier of -2.

We join the combat as the first attacks take place

B1 = 85 – 20 = 65
B2 = 75 – 25 = 50
Re = 86 – 30 = 56

So :: B1 / Re / B2

Bandit one moves in and swings for the head, aiming high -10 to attack. The Reeve knowing he is out numbered chooses to Block with his shield.

B1 is at 70 – 20 (Enc) – 10(Aim High) + 15 (Falchion) = 55
Re is at 71 – 30 (Enc) + 20 Shield = 61

B1 Rolls :: 96 – A Failure
Re Rolls :: 32 – A Success

Result DTA = Defender Tactical Advantage, Allowing the Reeve to make an immediate free attack/action

In the confusion of battle bandit one gets in the way of his friend, and when stepping away leaves him open for the Reeve to make a sudden attack (Note this is his Bonus action not his actual attack action yet!) B2 blocks with his shield


Re is at 75 – 30 (Enc) + 15 (Broad Sword) = 60
B2 is at 80 – 25 (Enc) + 15 (Shield ) = 70

Re Rolls :: 30 – A Critical Success
B2 Rolls :: 34 – A Success

Result A*1 = The Reeve sweeps his sword with minimal impact into the thorax of B2. The Reeve Rolls a D6 and adds the Edge Impact of the Sword, rolls a 5 (+5) for 10. The Bandits armour in the area of the Thorax is Scale Byrnie, which gives him protection of 9, the sword fails to penetrate the armour but leaves B2 with an M1 wound (Minor Bruise), however this M1 means he suffers an Injury Penalty of 1. He usually has to take a shock roll too, but as he can’t fail it, so he won’t.

B2s Penalties are now Enc 5 / Injury 1 / Fatigue 0 = 6 (30%)

However that was the Reeves Bonus Action, he presses on with his attack, remembering that scale is not as good against a hard thrust, he springs forward to try and spear the Bandit, who again fends off with his shield


Re is at 75 – 30 (Enc) + 15 (Broad Sword) – 10(2 Opponents) = 40
B2 is at 80 – 25 (Enc) -5(Inj) + 15 (Shield ) = 65

Re Rolls :: 19 – A Success
B2 Rolls :: 70- A Critical Failure – That small Injury has had an immediate impact!

Result A*2 = The Reeves sword deflects off the underside of the bandits shield and spears through into his (94) right calf. The Bandit is briefly thankful that he is wearing knee boots and leggings, giving him two layers of protection there (6), vs the Swords Pointed Aspect of 3 + 2d6 , for a total of 12-6 = 6, another M1 wound, saved by the leather! However it’s a blow that causes the bandit to stumble, he needs to check his balance!

Stumble check, Bandit 2 has a Agil of 13 – 2 for the rain and mud – 2 for injuries and – 5 for encumbrance, so he needs to roll 4 or less on 3d6!!! 10…oops he slips in the mud as his right leg gives out, he also needs to take a shock check, of 2d6, he rolls 7 well under his Endurance of 11. Bandit 2 hits the floor and….gives the Reeve Another Bonus action (note that if this had happened on the previous bonus action that it would not have created another bonus action)

The Bandit is on the floor, the GM rules he can only block using his shield. The Reeve gets a +20 modifier for attacking an opponent on the floor. The Reeve tries to stab the Bandit up high.

Re is at 75 – 30 (Enc) + 15 (Broad Sword) +20(vs Prone) – 10 Aims High = 70
B2 is at 80 – 25 (Enc) -10(Inj) + 15 (Shield ) = 60

Re Rolls :: 76- A Success
B2 Rolls :: 86- A Failure

Result A*1 = The Reeves stabs hard and nails the bandit in the (34) neck! Ah yes the Bandit remembers he forgot to put on his mail cowl…the neck…has no armour! So this will be the the Swords Pointed Aspect of 3 + 1d6 vs 0. The Reeve gets a 6 , giving him a 9. The sword cuts horribly through the bandits neck. causing an S3 wound. The immediate effect is the Bandit needs to make a 5d6 Shock roll, incredibly he rolls an 11, he’s a tough bastardl! The good news is he survived, and now it’s his time to strike back…or crawl away. He slashes at the Reeve from the floor. The GM rules that this is a low aimed shot, but without a -10 penalty. The Reeve opts to counter attack lunging in again to stab the Bandit!

B2 is at 55 – 25 (Enc) – 25(Inj) + 15 (Falchion) = 20
Re is at 75 – 30 (Enc) + 15 (Broad Sword) +20(vs Prone) = 80.

This does not look good for the bandit and it’s not even round 2 yet!

B2 Rolls :: 83- A Failure
Re Rolls :: 50- A Critical Success

Result D*2 = The Reeve easily evades the Bandits feeble swing and stabs him in the (71)…ouch…the groin…. lets see about the armour….phew that Byrnie and leggings cover the groin, The two layers stack together against a Pointed Attack for a total of 7 armour, not bad! The Damage again is 3 + 2d6, for a total of 12 – 7, so 5 impact to the groin, another S2 …not even sure the physician will want to be messing around with that one. Bandit 2 now needs to take a 7d6 Endurance check… the tough old bastard …rolls 22…he squeals like a stuck pig and then the pain causes him to black out.

The Reeve , turns to face Bandit 1, who is distracted by his mates rather sudden lack of balls and the Reeve attacks (Granted a Bonus Action from an attack that causes a shock failure). The Reeve is feeling confident he swings high hoping for a neck strike! The Bandit wants vengeance and goes for the counter attack.

Re is at 75 – 30 (Enc) + 15 (Broad Sword) -10(Aim High) = 40
B1 is at 70 – 20 (Enc) + 15 (Falchion) = 65

Re Rolls :: 50- A Critical Failure (Agh Aiming High did for him!!)
B2 Rolls :: 15- A Critical Success.

Result D*3 = The Reeve lunges in going for the neck with a wild sweep, the Bandit ducks under and slashes into the (83) left knee of the Reeve. The Reeves armour on the thigh is pretty good, his Mail Hauberk with Quilt Gambeson and Cloth Tunic all protect him here, giving a value of 12 versus the edge of the Falchion , however it all stops right above the knee!! giving him just his leather boots and leggings for 8 the Falchion has an edge aspect of 6, the Bandit Rolls 16 for a total of 22, less 8 is an impact of 14 to the knee a G4. The Reeve will now need to survive a shock roll and a stumble roll (Thankfully there can be no tactical advantage given from this action is it was a bonus action already). The Reeve takes a shock roll first 4d6 versus 13, he has a good chance of making that, but rolls 15, the shock of his knee being mangled sends him to the floor! There is a chance he might come around next round, but the Bandit has the initiative for sure and he’ll be ensuring the Reeve doesn’t get around to that!

Example of Combat II

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