The days of “A Lannister always pays his debts.” may be days long gone and forgotten

The cities and towns of the Westerlands are empty hollow shells of what they once were, with the vast majority of the men folk dead or on the wall, the task of keeping the land of the once mighty Lannisters now falls to the old, the infirm, the young and the ever able women folk.

Numerous castles and small towns have been abandoned as the population moved to larger population centers, as well as moving away from the coast to avoid the constant threat of raids from the Ironborn.

Yet all is not lost, the theater is on the rise as the new Lord of Casterly Rock encourages people to forget the past and the horrors of the war by spending their time learning acting, poetry and other areas of entertainment. Certainly no wedding would be complete any more without a troupe of Lannister Thespians or acrobats!

The Westerlands are “ruled” loosely by Lord Cicero Lannister (or Red Cicero as he is commonly called by the people ), though most suspect that the true power behind Cicero, that keeps everyone in line, is the Red Priestess Melisandre. Indeed worship of the Lord of Light is on the rise and becoming more common than the Seven.


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